Saturday, May 06, 2006

2005 Zinfandel: First Rack

We talked about racking before didn't we? You you know all about it right? Cool. Well, we did that today with the 2005 Zin. Racking can be a lot of work: There's bringing down the barrels, cleaning out a tank, cleaning the pump and hoses before and after using them, cleaning the barrels, doing lab tests, refilling the barrels, disassembling the pump, cleaning your face (because I forgot to release the back-pressure on the pump...).

Fortunately, I had lots of help today: my dad Muril (rhymes with "pearl"), my uncle, Ben (no, he doesn't convert rice) and my good friend, Laura. They helped clean barrels, they helped rack, they helped clean tanks, and they helped themselves to plenty of barrel samples!

After plenty of "helpings," the wine was deemed "delicious" by all the helpers. There was much encouragement to release this vintage early. I have to agree, that this fruit from Creston Hills Vineyard is wonderful. Laura, a veteran of the wine industry described it as "elegant." In a world full of big, over-ripe zinfandels, this one is very true to the fruit. Indeed, I was careful not to smother its raspberry-like flavors in too much oak. Only 1/8 of the wine was in new barrels--just enough for a little complexity and character but more like a modest, tasteful frame around an original, impressionist painting. I can't wait to see how it finally turns out!


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Goofy picture! Where are the barrels?!

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