Friday, January 19, 2007

New Year Update

The 2006 Harvest was a thing of beauty. As long as it was, the fruit was able to hang to full ripeness without worries of an early rain (and the trouble that can bring: you know, mold, mildew and water-spotting of your fine Riedel stemware).

Most everything plucked from 2006 is happily resting in barrels at the moment. But, I've got some really restless 2004 Cab and Merlot begging to be bottled. In fact, my 2005 Zinfandel is expressing it's desire to see the world. And don't get me started about the 2006's so gregarious it wants to jump out of the barrel every time someone strolls by.

So, yeah, we are firing-up the bottling line real soon. We have 11,000 corks on order (real corks, mind you...), and the bottles are on their way. So hold tight. We got a lot of wine coming your way. I think we even have a tasting room picked out in Cambria. I figure you guys are going to need a great hang-out to enjoy this stuff. I'm working on it. I'll hook you guys up... I'm good that way.


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