Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Religious Crossroads

Cambria is full of little shops (of which Moonstone Cellars is one). We now have a new neighbor to our west called "Highway Won," a christian bookstore. It is a very well appointed shop full of inspirational books, cards, and gifts.

To the east of us is the jewelry and clothing shop, "Best Kept Secret." There you can get a shirt that proclaims, "I have the body of a God, too bad it's Buddha."

Not to be left out, I think I shall hang the following passage from Ecclesiastes 9 over the door of the tasting room: "Eat the bread with joy and drink the wine with a merry heart." Maybe then I could partner with a local pastor for a new Sunday morning wine club event called "Cabernet Communions."

Just a thought.


Blogger Tina M said...

That's just awesome! I hope to see that next time we're up there.

10:26 AM  
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