Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We Can Ship To More States Now!

Sometimes I think winemakers would be better served to study law than enology...

After wading through all 50 state's laws regarding direct wine shipping, and obtaining some permits, we can now ship to the following states. Please be aware that there are limitations and additional taxes for some destinations. See my irreverent notes next to each state:

AK: Some zip codes not approved.
CA: No limitations.
DC: 1 Bottle per person limit, meaning we could ship 435 bottles to the south wing of the capitol building (the House of Representatives), but sadly, usually about two bottles to any other domicile.
DE: 1 Bottle limit per person per shipment.
FL: $2.25/Gallon Tax required ($0.47 a bottle). Ask your governor where the money goes.
IA: 2 cases per month limit (that's more refreshing).
IL: 2 cases per year limit (better than nothing).
MO: 2 cases per year limit (they should write a blues song about this restriction).
NH: 5 cases per year limit (The lawmakers realize the winters are long there).
NM: 2 cases per month (we don't recommend summer shipping, however).
OH: Unlimited (but consumer must file a special tax form. There's always a catch).
WI: 3 cases per year, need date of birth.
WV: 2 cases per month.

Please call for shipping costs. We'll have rates posted on the website soon!


Blogger Tina M said...

Hey Todd,
I plan on shipping a few bottles of your fabu grape nectar to my favorite cousin in Ohio in November. This special tax form; is it on my end or his? Also, you need to ship it for me; right? I can't buy it, box it, and do it myself; can I?
Chris and I can't wait to come back to Cambria and your lovely tasting room. It will feel like forever until we get there.
Take care, Tina

12:15 PM  
Blogger Todd said...

Hi Tina,

It's great news that Ohio allows unlimited shipping, but the form is just a minor inconvenience.

We'd be happy to ship the bottles for you. Technically (I should say "legally"), you need a permit to ship alcohol. Many UPS stores are hip to obvious wine shipper boxes and will stop you right at the counter. It's also illegal to send vino via the US Postal Service (even for wineries).

The special tax form has to be signed by the resident. A conservative estimate for the excises taxes is $0.20 a bottle. You could mail the partially completed form and a check to your cousin for the right amount if you wanted to be totally cool.

Fortunately, Ohio doesn't require wineries to collect sales tax so even if you pay the excise tax, you're saving $1.25 over California sales tax.

For what it's worth, Ohio doesn't require wineries to report sales going to their state.

Whew, taxes are fun, eh? I have to complete several returns a month. Good thing there's plenty of wine around here to calm my nerves while completing them and paying the taxes!

We look forward to seeing you and Chris back in Cambria!



3:06 PM  

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