Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Harvest Report 1

Anybody warm?

This recent blast-furnace of a heat wave has stepped-up the ripening of some of our vineyards. So I'm going out to the San Lucas Vineyard in Monetery County this morning to fetch my three tons of Sauvignon Blanc. We'll begin squeezing the sweet nectar out of the grapes this afternoon and getting the juice into a nice, chilled stainless steel tank. At least, then, something will be cool around here.

I don't know what makes me think I'll have the time, but I'll try to post a daily harvest report. I'll share with you all the romance (read: the good, bad, and the ugly) of life in the vineyards and the cellar this season.



Blogger Tina M said...

Hey Todd.
Good to see you're still alive. It's been too long since your last post. I hope that means you and the tasting room have been extra busy and everyone is falling in love with your wine.
Chris and I hope to make a trip North soon; we can't wait.
Tina :)

2:07 PM  
Blogger Todd said...

Hi Tina,

Thanks for the post. Yes, we had a crazy-busy fun time in the tasting room all summer! Kendra and I worked the room daily and would generally come home and happily collapse with some unfinished bottle from the tasting room. And by the time that was finished, I was finished! Let's see how blogging goes during Harvest/Crush!

We look forward to seeing you in Cambria again soon!



10:57 PM  

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