Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Harvest Report 2

What a beautiful day for receiving grapes! Not a cloud in the sky and the heat has backed off a bit.

All went reasonably well at the vineyard. Except all the workers were at lunch when I arrived. But the delay allowed me to take a nice picture of the grapes and the vineyard. I also found myself snacking on a few of my sauvignon blanc clusters since I didn't bring a lunch of my own.

After loading (and reloading, but I won't go into that) my trailer I had another adventure. While leaving the vineyard I saw a sign that said "No full trucks." For some reason I didn't think that sign applied to me. I figure it was a warning to the big tractor-trailer rigs. But halfway up a hill I had a sinking realization why the sign was posted.

The road was an oiled dirt road. Mix oil and dirt with a steep grade and Chevy pickup pulling a maximum load, and yup, you find yourself going backwards! The weight of my grapes dragged me in reverse causing me to nearly wipe out countless Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Somehow the gods took mercy on me and I barely avoided a disaster.

Next time, I won't be a typical guy and will ask for directions.


Blogger Tina M said...

I would not have wanted to be you had you taken out those vines; that would have been ugly. Glad to know you escaped without damage to you or the vines.

8:15 AM  

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