Sunday, September 09, 2007

Harvest Report 5

The sauvignon blanc is whistling away in the barrels. Really. If you were to walk by those barrels you'd hear a high-pitched hiss as the CO2 escapes from the vent in the rubber bung. This is a by-product of fermentation. Yeast eat the sugar and convert about 55% it to alcohol, most of the rest is converted to CO2. The yeast should complete their work in about 7 - 10 days. But we'll see. I'll measure the sugar level periodically to make sure the level is dropping and that the yeast aren't sleeping.

Yesterday, I pitched yeast on the viognier. It's takes about a day or two for the yeast to "wake-up" and begin munching on the sugar.

Today, I'm inoculating (a fancy word for adding yeast) the chardonnay. This is the chard we are putting in barrels and will be similar in style to our 2004 Paso Robles Chardonnay (toasty vanilla and buttery flavors with a creamy texture and fuller body). This raises a good point. What should I name the two chardonnays? Currently our "oaked" chardonnay is our 2004 vintage and our "unoaked" chardonnay is our 2005 vintage. Now we have two different chardonnays both from the same year and both are from Monterey County. Anybody got any cool names I could use on the label so folks can tell them apart?


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