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April 6 – “Non-Alcoholic Wine”

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by Grape Stomper Todd on April 6, 2012



Hello everybody and today is April 6th. A lot of people say history is dry, right?  Well it’s true.

On this day in 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the original church of the Latter Day Saint movement, is organized by Joseph Smith, Jr. and others at Fayette or Manchester, New York.

And remarkably, 30 years later on this very day in 1860, The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints—is organized by Joseph Smith III and others at Amboy, Illinois

Yup, those churches and their crazy schemes…uh, I mean, schisms.  In fact, the LDS can be as competitive as the NBA.  And speaking of New York and Illinois, the Nicks and the Bulls play this Sunday and Tuesday.  The Bulls should finish strong, Jill, but the Nicks are struggling to make the playoffs.  Bibles and Basketball at the same place at the same time…it’s Linsanity, I say!!

But I digress.

So, all this Latter Day talk today brings us to our Wine Word of the Day: Non-Alcoholic Wine.

Yup there really is such a thing, but if I know our listeners, they probably want nothing to do with it.  I’m gonna tell them about it anyway.

What’s the difference between non-alcoholic wine and grape juice? With non-alcoholic wine winemakers actually go through the trouble of making a real wine, then they remove the alcohol.

How do they do that?  In the worst case scenario they heat up the wine to evaporate the alcohol out of it.  The result is a horrible version of a baked Welch’s juice without the sugar.

A somewhat better process: they put the wine in a vacuum (slightly bigger than a Hoover or an Oreck), so the evaporation of alcohol  can happen at lower temperatures (but the wine still gets cooked).

In the best case scenario, they use reverse osmosis.  The water and alcohol is filtered from the wine, the alcohol is cooked off from the water, then the water is added back into the syrupy slime.

What you notice when you drink non-alcoholic wine is that it doesn’t have the same texture or mouthfeel of regular wine.  Non-alcoholic wine tastes thin or watery.  In fact most producers of non-alcoholic wine add about 2.5% sugar to the solution as a thickener.

So why would anyone drink a non alcoholic wine?  Because every party has a pooper.  No.  Well, it could be for weight loss (non-alcoholic wine has a ¼ the calories), the drinker may be pregnant (or is trying to prevent a pregnancy), and in the case of a Latter Day Saint, it may be for religious purposes.

I keep it around the house.  If you get too drunk at my place, you’ll be drinking my finest wineless wine.

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And until next time, if you are not allowed to drink wine, Near Beers to you!

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