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April 20 – “Bud Break”

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by Grape Stomper Todd on April 20, 2012


Hello everybody and today is April 20th.  That’s right you hipsters, it’s 4-20. And for those not so hip, “420” is a drug-lingo for smoking marijuana.

There’s a lot of lore surrounding how this number became associated with the ingestion of cannabis sativa, but it’s mostly wrong.  You can go to to get the whole story, but it comes down to a bunch of innocent, pot-somking teenagers in San Rafel, CA  looking for an abandoned marijuana crop. They would meet everyday at 4:20 pm at the Louis Pasteur statue just outside their school to either look for the pot or just smoke some.

That brings us to our Wine Word of the Day: Bud Break

Bud break is arguably the beginning of the grape growing season.  Depending on the vines and the location of the vineyard, bud break occurs throughout spring.  These buds are the first leaves on the previously dormant vine that eventually turn into shoots. The shoots then grow rapidly (as fast as an inch a day).  It’s from these shoots the grapes will hang.

I spoke with one of our growers today who said our Viognier had just budded-out. The only concern now is whether a frost will occur sometime over the next three weeks.  Buds are very sensitive to cold and a freeze could kill the future growth of the shoots.  It happened last year to that vineyard, and they lost 95% of their crop.

In other words, if anybody needed an “herbal remedy” last year, it was our viognier grower!

For medicinal scripts, links, and more potcasts go to  If you have any suggestions for more words, historical facts, or tips on smoking spliffs down to the last whiff without roach clips please don’t send them them to  Cause that stuff is against the law…well, sort of, in California.

And until next time, cheers to you.

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