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April 27 – “Caves”

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by Grape Stomper Todd on April 27, 2012


Hello everyone and today is April 27.  But just to mix things up (because I’m often all mixed up), today’s Wine Word of the Day is actually yesterday, April 26th.  (Boy how time flies!)

So, On this day in 1946, Jim White passed away.  Jim was a cowboy, park ranger, explorer, and guano miner (and you thought you had a bad job).  While it might not be a household name, Jim White was certainly known in underground circles.  In fact, he discovered what is now known as Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.

Which brings us to our Wine Word of the Day:  Caves

Wine caves have been around almost as long as grapes have been grown, but they seem to be popping up more and more lately.  Well, I guess a cave doesn’t really “pop UP.”  It takes a lot to construct these massive underground facilities.  You’ll need more than just a shovel (in fact, it costs about $150,000 to engineer an entrance to a cave, and by law, there has to be two entries in case of a collapse).  At some of the larger vineyards, these caves not only store wine barrels, but have been rigged out with full kitchens, ballrooms, private tasting rooms, classrooms, and blimp hangers (seriously, you know it’s just a matter of time before Gallo or Charles Shaw has a dirigible for airborne marketing).

But storing wine underground offers big perks to winemakers. Caves are energy efficient, providing high humidity as well as cooler temperatures, which is precisely what wine needs to prevent evaporation and for proper aging.  Plus, a vintner doesn’t have to use up valuable land building a big storage facility that would need heating, air and water.  He can simply burrow under the vineyards and make the most of his property.

I had considered building a wine cave under our tasting room, but I am afraid the landlord did not care for my plan.  Very similar to my wife not agreeing to my plans for a man cave, in my basement at home.  She loved the idea at first, but I should have stopped at a pool table and TV.  Once I mentioned the keg and a stripper pole, my man cave was a no-go.

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And until next time, cheers to you!


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