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May 25 – “Alicante Bouschet”

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by Grape Stomper Todd on May 25, 2012


TODDCAST EPISODE 19: SHOW NOTES: Outline for this week’s episode:

Hello everybody and today is May 25.

And on this day in 1938, the city of Alicante in Spain is bombed by the Italians during the Spanish Civil War. Over 300 people were killed. Ugly stuff. And why were the Italians bombing them? War is hell, I tell ya.

Well, Alicante is a tourist town now and it is quite nice. Alicante is also a wine region in Spain. They are known for their Garnachas, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir…

And that brings us to our Wine Word of the Day: Alicante Bouschet

Alicante Bouschet a wonderful grape. It is one of the few grapes whose juice is naturally red. Almost all other grapes have clear juice. Those grapes must be fermented with the skins to make the wine red.

Some grapes, like Zinfandel, have pretty big berries and thin skins. Therefore it is hard to make a wine with a deep red color from just Zinfandel grapes. So, winemakers will often blend darker wines with Zin to give it more color. Alicante Bouchet is one of those wines.

You might think Alicante Bouschet comes from Alicante, Spain. Nope. That was just a convenient lead in. It actually was developed in France in 1866 by Henri Bouschet when he crossed Petit Bouschet and Grenache. Petit Bouschet was developed by his dad, proving the grape doesn’t fall far from the vine.

Although Alicante Bouschet is mostly used for blending you might occasionally find it bottled as its own varietal. Common flavors you might taste in a bottle of Alicante are cherry and plum.

But if you don’t like Alicante Bouschet, that’s okay. It’s a thick-skinned grape so it can take criticism well.

For transcripts, links and more podcasts go to If you have any suggestions for more words or historical war inquiries like, how many cases of Alicante Bouschet would you have to trebuchet, the Italian’s way, to stop them from using their bombays, please send email to

And until next time, cheers to you.

TASTING ROOMORS (Happenings in the Tasting Room)

Papagallo Party Wrap-Up

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Bobby Ward                          6 yrs
Mike & Linda Finley             5 yrs
Mike & Judy Green              5 yrs
Mark Hedger                        5 yrs
Bob Kasper                            5 yrs
Bonnie Little                         5 yrs
Teresa Rice                           5 yrs
Tippy Sheppard                  5 yrs
Hali Sherman                        5 yrs
Dana Spychalla                    5 yrs
Gary Floyd                             5 yrs
Sheryl Powell                        5 yrs
Roy Hammond                      4 yrs
Judy Schuster                       4 yrs
Jim Stroud                             4 yrs
Marc Blair                              4 yrs
Ruth Capelle                         4 yrs


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May 18 – “Nothing”

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by Grape Stomper Todd on May 18, 2012


That’s right I was in New England last week and didn’t have a chance to do a Toddcast with Jill.  I do ramble-on in the audio about what I was doing out there. And I give you a couple of historical tidbits on what happened there on this day.

The best part of the trip was spending time with old friends.  And when I say friends, I’m talking about people whose generosity knows no bounds!

Here’s a link to the boat discussed in the podcast:

Next week will be better. I promise!

Thanks for downloading and cheers to you!

Grape Stomper Todd


May 11 – “Isinglass”

May 11, 2012
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Hello everybody and today is May 11. How many surrealists does it take to screw in a light bulb? Fish! I’m reminded of that riddle because do you know whose birthday it is?  That’s right, Salvadore Dali’s. And that brings us to today’s Wine Word of the Day: Isinglass Okay, this may get a little […]

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May 4 – “Mourvedre”

May 4, 2012
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Hello, Hello, Hello everybody and today is May 4th. On this day in 1975, we lost one of the greatest dramatic actors of our generation, Moe Howard of the Three Stooges.   Along with Larry Fine and brother Curly..and/or Shemp depending on what years you were watching…the Three Stooges delighted audiences with their slapstick comedy …which […]

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