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June 22 – “Todd”

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by Grape Stomper Todd on June 22, 2012


Greetings Moonstoners, it’s me, Jill..and today is June 22nd. We are finally back with this week’s Toddcast. Sorry we’ve been absent. In fact, Todd still seems to be absent and that surprises me…because Todd’s birthday. Well, OK, it’s not OUR Todd’s birthday. It’s Kendra’s other favorite Todd… Todd Rundgren’s birthday. And maybe that’s where they are…Todd Rundgren is playing in Boston tonight…and that’s where the boat is….hmmmmmm.
And just case you’re unfamiliar with Todd Rundgren, he’s been playing music for over 40 years.

And that brings us to our Wine Word of the Day:   Todd

Grape Stomper Todd has been a winemaker for over 10 years now, having started his career as an apprentice at Harmony Cellars. He opened his own winery, Moonstone Cellars, over 5 years ago, which I’m sure most of you listening are quite aware of. He has a few more years before matching Todd Rundgren’s longevity.

TODD: wait, wait. …Hello, it’s me!

TASTING ROOMORS (Happenings in the Tasting Room)


Ben Colacchia
Michael Golub
Elaine Hart
Tony Doot
Jack Sidwell

Club Anniversaries
Michelle & Lenny Castellaneta         6 yrs
Susan Mello                              5 yrs
J Chal Peterson                         5 yrs
George Cassal                          5 yrs
Al Curtice & Kathryn                  5 yrs
Madeline macholtz                     4 yrs

Thanks to all the club members who have been in and picked up this month’s club shipments.

Mark Swain came in with a new discovery: The MBerry, sensory-killing pill.  

MMM Winners!
Ron & Pat last week
Rick & Doyle this week


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Linda, our newest employee, asks:  “How did I end up working with you crazy people?

and… “Why are the wine bottles different shapes? And what’s with the dimple at the bottom?”

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