#86 “DNA” April 25, 2014

by Grape Stomper Todd on April 25, 2014


DNATODDCAST EPISODE 86: SHOW NOTES: Outline for this week’s episode:


Greetings Moonstoners, today is April 25.  And I bet you didn’t know that today is DNA Day!

DNA Day is a holiday celebrated on April 25. It commemorates the day in 1953 when James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin and colleagues published papers in the journal, Nature, on the structure of DNA. Furthermore, on that day in 2003 it was declared that the Human Genome Project was very close to complete.

DNA Day was first celebrated on April 25, 2003 by proclamation of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. However, they only declared a one-time celebration, not an annual holiday. Every year from 2003 onward, annual DNA Day celebrations have been organized by the National Human Genome Research Institute, starting as early as April 23 in 2010, April 15 in 2011 and April 20 in 2012. April 25 has since been declared "International DNA Day"and "World DNA Day" by several groups.

So that brings us to our Wine Word of the Day: DNA

So for ages, if you wanted to verify what kind of grapes you had in your vineyard, you would hire an ampelographer. This person would study the shape or pattern of the leaves on your grapevines and then tell you with not 100% certainty, what kind of grapes you are growing.

But now, we have the miracle of DNA testing.  The good people at UC Davis have cataloged hundreds of French and California grape varieties so growers can be pretty certain the Merlot they’re growing is not Cabernet Franc.

We could go on about some of the geeky mysteries that have been solved with DNA testing. For instance Chardonnay is actually the offspring of Pinot Noir and some insipid grape called Gouais.  Or that the Australians thought they had a new grape called Shiraz, but the DNA test proved it was actually Syrah. And that the Californians thought Zinfandel was a native grape, but it was originally from Croatia.

There are some creative ways to use DNA testing as well.  For instance, there is one super expensive wine brand that implants DNA from its vines into it’s wine bottle labels.  This makes forging a bottle of this wine pretty difficult.   

For transcripts, links, and more Toddcasts, go to moonstonecellars.com/wwd.  If you have any suggestions for more words, historical facts, or how I can get my DNA removed from a crime scene, please send emails to, info@moonstonecellars.com

And until next time,

You might want to test your children to see if they are really yours

TASTING ROOMORS (Happenings in the Tasting Room)

Wine for Paws

Amgen changes


Tickets for the garden shed party are now on sale.



Wine drinkers will serve no time.


Paint the town.



Just a little dab will do ya.


Hold your horses.




Taurus, your sign suits you this week.  You are being a little bullheaded, and prone to frequent outbursts.  You might want to steer clear of…well, everyone.  And if you can’t do that, then keep sipping your glass of wine.  Because that will occupy your mouth and prevent you from saying something you shouldn’t.


The part of the US that consumes the least amount of alcohol is the same region that is also referred to as “The Bible Belt.”   This is also the same region that many doctors refer to as “Stroke Alley.”  

Voice Over Talent – Ellen Dawson and Emmy-Award Winner,  Andrew Dawson (Andrew’s YouTube Channel)
Utter Nonsense – Jill and Todd


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