#91 “Saignee” August 2, 2014

by Grape Stomper Todd on August 2, 2014



TODDCAST EPISODE 91: SHOW NOTES: Outline for this week’s episode:


Greetings from the east Moonstoners, today is August 1st, and we have been AWOL for a few weeks.  But we return in time for a bloody day in history.  It seems August 1st has been a pretty deadly day in the past. In 1759, the Battle of Minden was fought as part of the Seven Years War, in 1798 the Battle of the Nile began when the British fleet engaged with the French Revolutionary Navy, and in 1801, The American schooner USS Enterprise captured the Tripoli to begin the first Barbary War.    Then in 1894, the First Sino-Japanese War erupted, and in 1914 Germany declared war on Russia to start World War I.  
Sadly, on August 1st, a lot of blood was shed throughout the years. 

And that brings us to our Wine Word of the Day: saignée  (pronounced Say-NAY)

Saignee is a French term for how rose wine is made, Jill.  I know all that talk of bloodshed in the beginning of this episode may not have made a lot of sense until I tell you this: Saignee is when we “bleed” the juice from the grape skins before the juice gets too dark.

Here’s something we’ve mentioned this a bunch of times here on the world-famous Wine Word of the Day: the red color in wine comes from the skins.  It can take 10 or more days of soaking the skins in the juice to get that deep, dark purple color in red wine that judges love so much.

But what if you want a blush or rose wine?  Well, you just don’t soak the skins in the juice as long!

I’m not sure why winemakers call the early removal of the juice from the skins as “bleeding”. As in, “bleeding off the juice”. It sounds cruel and warlike, but I can assure you most winemakers are fairly mellow and usually pass out before picking a fight.

For transcripts, links and more Toddcasts, go to moonstonecellars.com/wwd.  If you have any suggestions for more words, historical links, or tips on I can avoid cutting myself and bleeding during harvest, please send emails to, info@moonstonecellars.com

And until next time, cheers to you!

TASTING ROOMORS (Happenings in the Tasting Room) 
Lisa Johnson
Ken Miller
Shirley Navarro
Suzy Davis-Coleman
John Bryne-his whole family joined the club!

-Road trip
-The Garden Party has been cancelled.
-Work has begun on our scarecrow.



Quelle Catastrophe.

Can we import these for Kendra?

Sing me a prison song. 

That is one nasty hangover.

Wine saves the day!

Leo, you have finances on your mind.  So go ahead and double check your budget.  It might be time to rethink your spending habits.   I know it’s fun to splurge on a bottle ‘78 Richebourg Grand Cru, but maybe that $20,000 could be spent on something more practical. Otherwise, a second job might be in order.  I hear Costco is hiring, 

Methyphobia is not what you might think.  Methyphobia is the fear of alcohol. 

Voice Over Talent – Ellen Dawson and Emmy-Award Winner,  Andrew Dawson (Andrew’s YouTube Channel)
Utter Nonsense – Jill and Todd


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