by Grape Stomper Todd on August 19, 2010

>Hello glass tippers, it’s Jill again. Once again, I have taken over Todd’s computer to vent on a very hot topic. TGIF! Everyone knows that is the rallying cry of the working man. “Thank God It’s Friday!” Except for me. I don’t work on Fridays. That seemed like a great idea at first. Jump start the weekend, enjoy the Farmer’s Market, etc. Until I realized I was missing out on Tamar!

Tamar is our brilliant massage therapist. Every other Friday, you can find Tamar in the Tasting Room, setting up her magic chair and tenderly caressing the head, neck and shoulders of our stressed out patrons. Is there anything better than a glass of wine and a backrub? I don’t think so. Talk about jump-starting your weekend! So, if you’re in the Cambria area, and it’s Friday, and you’re feeling a little tense, come in and let Todd or Al pour you a little vino and let Tamar make your world a little better. Ah, bliss! Now I have to go do a little negotiating with Todd to see if I can get my schedule changed!

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by Grape Stomper Todd on August 15, 2010

>Nothing beats a summer vacation! Many of our guests in the tasting room recently, have traveled from as far as the Netherlands, Canada, England, and of course, from all over California. We’ve had nice cool days and chilly nights, perfect for those beating the heat in the Central Valley! Meanwhile, our Grape Stomper, Todd, has been enjoying the sights and wines of France. We can’t wait for his return! He’ll be back in the tasting room this week! I’m sure he has some fantastic stories.

I’d like to send a big thanks out to Brad Hale, who stepped in and poured on the weekends. Brad is quite adept at handling the bottle! It was a great help.

Happily, I will be able to report to Todd that everything went swimmingly while he rested and relaxed. And thanks to all of you that dropped by and enjoyed our new wines! There’s more to come too! So stop in, have a taste, see how much nicer the tasting room is looking, and welcome back our wine-soaked traveler. Welcome home Todd!


>Playing “Catch Up”

July 20, 2010

> For our Moonstone Cellar fans, you might have noticed that Todd has not updated his Blog in a while. And in fact, he’s not updating it now. I am! I have commandeered Todd’s computer and doing my best to get him caught up. And the reason he’s so behind is that he’s been busy […]

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>It’s Time To Punt

January 6, 2010

>“Punt”Since it’s football post-season time, I’m compelled to explore a certain wine term. More specifically, a wine bottle term. If you’ve ever wondered what to call the indentation in the bottom of a wine bottle, this blog topic will end the mystery for you. In fact, you’ll learn so much about the term “punt”, you’ll […]

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>Yuk! Can I send back this wine ?

December 30, 2009

> Kendra, my wife, looked at me over her glass of champagne and said, “What’s wrong?” We were in an upscale hotel bar in San Francisco and I must have been contorting my face after my first sip of a Sonoma zinfandel.“Do you want to send it back?” she asked?“I’m afraid I can’t.” I said. […]

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>Clare-ly someone needs a cab!

December 18, 2009

>There is a lovely, retired couple living here in Cambria that are dedicated Moonstone Cellars wine club members. Like many of their generation, they do not have a computer. The bad news about that: they miss out on our periodic email notices and offers. The good news: I can blog about them. But just in […]

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>How I became a winemaker

September 17, 2009

>This is real winemaking!

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September 16, 2009

> Here’s a more scientific way to determine how the fermentation is coming along: use a hydrometer. Basically speaking, the hydrometer is a floating scale to determine the amount of sugar left in the wine. As the fermentation progresses, there’ll be less sugar. In this video, the sugars are at 10% (or 10-degrees Brix…named after […]

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>Whistlin’ Dixie

September 16, 2009

> Yay, the Chardonnay is fermenting! How do I know? Well, when it whistles, I know! Yeah, there are other ways to tell. I do get out my hydrometer to measure sugar levels. But I know things are going great when the relief valve on the bung is starting to sing! You see, when the […]

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>Feeling the Burn

August 26, 2009

>The 2009 grapes are coming and that means the 2008 and 2007 wines need to be put to bed, one way or another. Whether it be bottling, racking, or topping, previous vintages must be stabilized before they get ignored while the 2009 wines are being born. Being a winemaker is a little like being a […]

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