>Clare-ly someone needs a cab!

by Grape Stomper Todd on December 18, 2009

>There is a lovely, retired couple living here in Cambria that are dedicated Moonstone Cellars wine club members. Like many of their generation, they do not have a computer. The bad news about that: they miss out on our periodic email notices and offers. The good news: I can blog about them.

But just in case, let’s call them Ken and Barbara. Ken is the red drinker and Barbara, well, enjoys just about everything. Ken loves our Cabernet Sauvignon and refers to it (and all Cabernet Sauvignons as “Cabbies”). He also really digs our Merlot. He can’t get enough of either.

The other day, Ken asked me, “Are you ever going to make a claret?” Before I could answer, he said “I just love that grape but I don’t see much of it around here.” As many of you can attest, it’s right about here where I jump in and start explaining the origin of grapes, what we grow around here, and any other relevant educational tidbits.

I revealed to Ken “claret” is just a name the English uses to refer to red Bordeaux wines. Thus, every time he drank his beloved “Cabbie”, or a Merlot, or for that matter a Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot, or Malbec, (or any blend of these) he was drinking a “claret”.

Ken nodded and said, “Yeah, but, such-and-such winery had a claret and only one other winery around here had a claret. They don’t make ‘em anymore. What a shame. I don’t know what it is, but I just love those clarets. I wish more wineries would make wines from that grape.”

I made (I thought) another well-reasoned explanation of what a claret is and Ken said, “Yeah, but it’s the claret grape I really like.”

I gave up.

I’m not sure if, a) I’m a bad wine educator, b) Ken is just “set in his ways”, or c) I should’ve call Ken a cabbie!

So there’s good news and bad news for Ken. The bad news: Ken doesn’t understand “claret” is just another term for a wine made from the red grapes that originated from the Bordeaux region. The good news is that Ken lives in a region that grows the Bordeaux varietals extremely well. Whether he knows it or not, with every sip of our Cab or Merlot, he’s enjoying his beloved claret. Perhaps I should make a special label just for him.

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