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by Grape Stomper Todd on July 13, 2012


Greetings Moonstoners and today is July 13th. And we found this day to be pretty uneventful. So we’re going to talk about tomorrow, the 14th. Because on July 14th in 2005, French President, Jacques Chirac promoted wine critic, Robert Parker, to “Officer” in France’s Legion of Honor, a rare distinction. Parker was being recognized for the extraordinary contribution he has made to wine writing and to the education of wine consumers around the world.

Thus, one could say, Robert scored.

And the brings us to our Wine Word of the Day: Score

So what’s up with wine scores. Some critics use a 100 point scale, others use a 20 point scale, while others use stars.

We’ll post one of the systems in our show notes, but the long and short of it, a wine score is an attempt to quantify in a single number the quality of the wine.

Of course, this is a good way to start a fight.

Judging is somewhat subjective based on the preferences and experiences of the judge. I’m sure you know of a movie critic who has panned your favorite movie. Same can be true of your favorite wine.

One of my favorite systems is the US Davis 20 point scale: It rates wines on several objective factors like bitterness, complexity of the bouquet, astringency, color, clarity, etc. Each category would get a score between say 0-4, or 0-2. All the categories would be added to come up with a maximum score of 20. What’s nice about this system is you can see why the wine scored the way it did. Whereas say an 87 point wine doesn’t tell you much. Did it lose 13 points because it cloudy or bitter? Or was it because the wine didn’t have the appropriate sweetness or body.

For transcripts, links and more podcasts go to moonstonecellars.com/wwd. If you have any words, historical facts, or tips on how I can score points with Kendra by telling her she has a “Sweet Body and that she’s not a ten but a twenty”, please send emails to wwd@moonstonecellars.com.

And until next time, Cheers to you.

For more scoring info, check out The UC Davis 20 Point Scale

TASTING ROOMORS (Happenings in the Tasting Room)

Ken Miller
Phillip or Maggie Abel
Sue Fortier

David McClanahan 5 yrs
Muffy Pugliese 5 yrs
Patti Stroh 5 yrs

MMM Winners— everyone who played! Sweet Cherry Wine by Tommy James & the Shondells


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