March 23 – “Jaws”

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by Grape Stomper Todd on March 23, 2012


Wine Word of the Day

Hello Everybody and today is March 23rd.  And on this day in 1951, Ron Jaworski was born.  You may know him as a commentator on TV’s Monday Night Football.  Jaworski was a NFL quarterback for 17 years back in the 70’s and 80’s.  When playing college football, his nicknames were the “Polish Rife” and the “Polish Cannon”.

Before going to the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1981, he received a new nickname. That nickname brings us to today’s Wine Word of the Day: Jaws

Jaws are used by wine tasting aficionados in two ways: One, they use their jaws to open their mouths so they can taste the wine, and two, they then use their jaws to push out an endless stream of words meant to demonstrate how much they know about wine.

Oh, right, and “jaws” are the part of the corking machine.  When bottling wine, corks are squeezed by the jaws of the corker.  These jaws reduce the diameter of the corks so they can be punched into the bottles with ease.  It then takes a full day or two before the corks fully expand in the bottle.

I could expand on the subject more, but for now, I should probably just put a cork in it.

For transcripts, links and more podcasts, please go to  If you have any words, historical facts, or tips on how I can keep my commentary more interesting than Ron Jaworski’s commentary so I don’t get fired like he did this year for being pretty boring on Monday Night Football, please send emails to,

And until next time, cheers to you!

TODDCAST EPISODE 11: SHOW NOTES: Outline for this week’s episode:

TASTING ROOMORS (Happenings in the Tasting Room)

DeAnna Boehm
Joe Hugenroth
Marc Weatherford
Stacy Kelley

What are Todd and Jill drinking tonight?

Elizabeth Miller’s (and she wins best abs contest!)
Marleen Doerk
Chip McGehee

– Great Food from In Good Taste Catering!
– Silly games and prizes
– Lots of good old zins!
– Great Volunteers! (Susan & Pat Payne, William Walters, Jen Duarte)
– Library party–favorite poem:

There was a young man from Bordeaux
Who lived in a shoe-shaped chateau
He made White Zinfandel
Which the devil found swell
Now he crushes his grapes down below.

Pam Martens    5 yrs
Jeff Miller 3 yrs
Pat & Susan Payne’s  34 wedding anniversary

PEOPLE BRINGING FOOD (randomly to the tasting room)
Vicki & Brad brought cheese & crackers
Susan & Pat brought homemade pickles, cheese
Doug & Marsh Carlson (cheese & crackers, summer sausage)

– Kate
– Nancy

Fred and Vladimir



Sex deprived fruit flies turn to alcohol.
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Doesn’t seem like the nutrition labels are headed for wine bottles, good news.
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What the frack?  Is fracking contaminating the irrigation water in the state’s vineyards?
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We get a call from Norway. We get a good question about labels. And we get a risque question from Tina’s mom.

Norwegian Translation:
“Hi Grape Stomper Todd, my name is Miguel Valenzuela and I am calling from Oslo Norway. I have a question for you. What wine you would recommend with lutefisk with a side of braised potatoes and bacon bits. We will be eating lutefisk for easter so I wanted to know what’s best. We listen to your show all the time and think it’s good. Very good.
Thank you!”

Voice Over Talent – Andrew Dawson
Show Posting and Tagging – Robert Widmer
Utter Nonsense – Jill and Todd

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