March 30 – “Leaf Roll Virus”

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by Grape Stomper Todd on March 30, 2012


Hello everybody and today is March 30th.

And on this day in 1853, the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh was born.  And if I remember right, I was told in my art appreciation class that he was pretty good.  But this “supposedly good” painter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at age 37.  And during his lifetime it is said he only sold one of his works.  Hmmmm, what a loser.  And the painting he sold was called, “The Red Vineyard.”

And that brings us to today’s Wine Word of the Day: Leaf Roll Virus

Why, because one of the hallmarks of Leaf Roll Virus in the vineyard  is red leaves. In fact, another name for Leaf Roll Virus is “Red Leaf Disease.”

Leaves will certainly turn red during the autumn, when all the leaves on the vines turn fiery with yellow, orange, and red hues. But with leaf roll virus, it’s different.  Usually only the bottom leaves turn red…and guess what?  Yup, they roll up…or should I say, they actually roll downward.

Vines with the virus tend to grow slower, have smaller bunches, and begin producing fruit later the following year.  Red leaf is a devastating disease that will certainly make a grower blue.

Van Gogh’s painting is probably of a vineyard during the Fall and not of a vineyard suffering from Leaf Roll Disease.  It’s hard to say when he saw that vineyard since he painted it from memory.  The serenity of the grapes being harvested with the autumn sun setting obviously left an Impression on him!

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A man walks into a winery and sees Vincent Van Gogh standing at the bar. The man says “I love your paintings, can I buy you a glass of wine?” Vincent replies, “No thanks I’ve got one ear.” Please send emails to,

And until next time, ears to you!

SHOW NOTES: Outline for this week’s episode:

TASTING ROOMORS (Happenings in the Tasting Room)

Ilamae Clifford
David Reed
Amy Auricchio
Ilene Frankel

New Businesses in Town!
New frozen yogurt right next door
Cambria Beer Co across the street

J. T Teutimez (6 years–our first club member!)
Brandon Fowler (6 years)
Elaine Beckham  (5 years)

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– Ron
– Andrea

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