October 11 – “Foxy”

by Grape Stomper Todd on October 11, 2010


It’s hard to out-Foxx the IRS when you are in a jam.

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On this day in 1991, actor/comedian Redd Foxx, star of TV’s “Sanford and Son”, suffered a fatal heart attack.

Hmmm, this gives us lots of Wine Word of the Day options. I could talk about red wine, or how red wine might be good for the heart. I can even talk about various wine taxation laws (which would be fitting since Redd Foxx was bankrupted by tax troubles of his own).

But instead of these, I’m going with this Wine Word of the Day: Foxy

I consulted 24 different sources for the definition for this term and 22 of them agreed that foxy is meant to denote aromas and flavors of the Concord grape. In other words, a foxy wine would smell like Welches grape juice or Smucker’s grape jelly.

There are a few low cost wines, such as Manischewitz, that are made from Concord grapes. These grapes are from the Vitis labrusca family, and considerably different from the European varieties of Vitis vinifera. Wine made from table grapes in the Vitis labrusca family are considered by many in the wine-drinking community to be inferior for use in wine.

You know, if you think about it, whenever you see winery tasting notes, you see descriptions of aromas like cherries, berries, red currants, etc. But have you ever seen a description that says the wine tastes like grapes or grape juice?

There were two sources of the 24 who had a totally different definition of foxy. They said that this descriptor meant the wine smelled like wild animals, particularly foxes. Yeah, right. When is the last time you smelled a fox? Or is that an inappropriate question?

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