Wine Club Terms and Conditions

No fees to join!

Just buy 3, 6 or 12 bottles to complete your first club package.

All Club Members Receive:

·    Your Choice of Wines, Shipped in February, November and June each year.

·    Increasing Discounts for each year you stay in our club, up to 40%!

·    Discounted Shipping rates.

·    $50 discount per night in The Chateau Above Moonstone Cellars.

·    Up to 4 free wine Tasting Flights per visit.

·    Invitation to Members-Only events.

·    Presale Tickets and Discounts to events.

·    Recipes, new release info, high fives and fist bumps.

·    Your own account.

Three Bottle Clubs

·    20% discount on all wines, increasing 1% a year, up to 40% off.

·    We will ask you to choose from one of the following to match your preference (But you can always change it.)

·    Moonlight: All white wines.

·    Maroonstone: All red wines.

·    Moonstruck: Two red and one white.

·    Twilight: Two white and one red.

The Sandcastle Club

·    6 bottles per shipment.

·    25% discount on all wines, increasing 2% a year, up to 40%.

The Grapestomper Club

·    12 bottles per shipment.

·    30% discount on all wines, increasing 2% a year, up to 40%.

How the Clubs Work

We ship three times a year: February, June and November. Prior to shipping, you’ll receive an email notice that it is time to make your selections. You will have a week or so to make your selections. At the deadline, your credit card will be charged, and your shipment will be sent on the date indicated in our email announcement. If you have not made selections by the specified deadline, you will receive the Winemaker’s Selections for your particular club choice.

Please note that we do our own packing of shipments, so there is a one to two week period between when your card is charged and the shipment goes out.

The cost of each shipment varies based on what you are shipped, your current discount rate, and shipping. State taxes for orders shipped within California apply.

You May Purchase wine at any time and receive your club and shipping discounts, but you are required to take a shipment at each club release. Depending on your club, your discount will increase by 1-2% each year you continue your membership, up to 40% maximum.

Other Useful Information

·    Refusing a club shipment will discontinue your membership and your accumulated discount.

·    After three shipments, you may cancel at any time up to 30 days before a shipment is sent.

·    Cancelling before your third shipment will result in a charge for all discounts granted to that point.

·    Wines in a pickup order that have sold out will be credited towards your selection from current inventory.

Shipping Charges

CA rates via Golden State Overnight

Ask about other states or carriers.

 1-3 Bottles: $15

4-6 Bottles: $18

7-12 Bottles: $22

 Rates reflect 50% off on Shipping for Club Members!

Rates subject to change based on delivery fees and fuel surcharges.

Shipping Requirements

·    All Shipments Require an Adult Signature. Carriers are by law unable to leave wine without an adult signature age 21 and over. We recommend using a business address.

·    Returned Shipments will be assessed additional shipping charges when re-shipped.

·    Packages that must be rerouted to an alternate address will be assessed a reroute fee. This is from the shipper, not us, and unfortunately is non-negotiable.