Moonstone Memoirs
true stories told without notes in front of a live audience

So, here’s the idea: This is an event where people tell five to eight minute-long stories in front of a live audience. These stories are personal, non-fictional accounts told without notes or props. This will be a monthly event. Each month the stories will be addressing a new theme and based on actual events involving the storyteller.

March’s theme is: "LUCK"

So tell a story about falling in (or out) of love, your first love, a beloved pet, a hobby you love, an act of selfless love, or even that time you went to the city of brotherly love. You get the idea, tell us a lovely (or not so lovely) tale from your past!

We hope to have about a dozen speakers take the stage.

Here are the details:

What: "Moonstone Memoirs, True Stories Told Live While Imbibing"
When: The First Wednesday of the Month
Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm or so.
Where: Moonstone Cellars Club Member Lounge, 812 Cornwall St., Cambria
Storytellers: Regular folks like you, in fact, you should think about telling a story, too! ;-)
Prizes? Maybe!
- Free for storytellers and storytellers get one complimentary glass of wine!
- $5 Donation (we are raising money to buy a mobility van for an ALS victim)

Seating is limited so please let us know if you’d like to be a supportive audience member at this event by sending an email to: or call us at 805-927-9466. We’ll contact you soon to confirm your spot.

Please View Our Storytelling Rules and Guidelines
Tips & Tricks for Telling a Great Story (coming soon)
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