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Telling a story is as much fun for the storyteller as it is for the listening audience. At least that’s what everyone tells us. Rusty says it best – hear what one of our storytellers and enthused audience members has to say about the wonderful combination of stories, wine and friends at Moonstone Cellars.

Spend some time listening to stories. Come listen.  Come tell a story.  Either way (or both!), come enjoy the fun. Each month we have a new theme.  

Moonstone Memoirs occurs on the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm in the Moonstone Cellars Lounge.

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August 7, 2019

Tonight’s Theme: Summer


Bev Praver

“Karma Averted”

Bev stages her first sit-in at summer camp when her summer camp counselor insists she join her cabin mates.


Kim Miller

“The Summer I Was a Jock”

Kim and her friend participate in a grueling 150 mile charity ride.


Lola Copinga

“Summer Indians

Lola tells the story from the summer when she was 11 and she and her brother shared their family’s farm chickens with hungry Indians.


Donnie Degen

"The Summer of ‘65”

Donnie shares his antics from the summer of ’65 at the beach.


Oz Barron

"The Walnut Valley"

Oz’s Bluegrass band, The Northern Lights, plays the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas one summer. Oz is honored to play the bass in a group rendition of Proud Mary in the festival finale. The song is amazing, but might have been better if everyone knew how to play it the same way.


Rick Smith

"I forgOT"

Rick barely remembers his trip to Europe so he tells story of the summer of ’72 when he worked at Cape Canaveral for the space program.


Mary Jo Hollingshead

“Cambria SUMMER”

Mary Jo has many friends and family members visit Cambria this summer. It’s an action-packed summer, and Mary Jo shares all the details.


Jill Andrews

“Summer 1997”

Jill follows up on a story she told a few months ago about reconnecting the son of a friend with his birth mother. In today’s story, Jill shares her own story about finding out that she was the daughter of someone who was not the father with whom she was raised.


Carol Fuchs

"Hug-a-Bunny Chicken”

Carol shares a family vacation story full of “exotic” food and adventure.


Rami Cherami

"Coastal Fantasy"

Rami, a native of New Orleans, shares her fantasy of living on the California coast, and how Cambria became that reality.  


Missy Smith

"Summer SWIM"

Missy is recovering from cancer surgery, and with good news from the doctor is looking forward to a major trip back east to once again swim across the lake  


Todd Clift

"Fruitless Summer Job Picking Tomatoes”

Sixteen year old Todd has a summer job picking tomatoes and learns valuable lessons for life.


July 3, 2019

Tonight’s Theme: FREEDOM


Andy Pickar

"i like your dog"

Andy meets a kid enjoying the freedom of summer and looking for a friend for his dog.


Susan Mackey


Susan talks about the freedom of education and shares her experiences teaching Laura, a deaf immigrant student who goes on to become Susan’s teacher's aid and then a US citizen.


Bev Praver


Bev reminisces about the freedom that comes with summer.


Missy Smith


Missy shares a touching story of reconnecting with a dear high school friend.


Todd Clift

“You are free to go”

Todd encounters a CHP who is concerned about the open bottle of wine in his truck console. 


Lola Copinga


Lola shares her first Moonstone Memoir about the wonderful 4thof July Parades in her funky small town America.


May 8, 2019

Tonight’s Theme: Say it with Flowers


Donnie Degen

"I Worked in a Flower Shop"

Donnie gets scared trying to help a customer find Irises.



"Tip of the Iceberg"

Sherry retells the story of her husband’s experience driving a celebrity around LA for 2 full days.


Kim Miller

"Flower Fail"

Kim shares advice about the importance of being truthful when giving flowers to a friend.


Alice Offill


Alice and her husband take a long, frustrating hike in Big Sur with a bottle of wine, but no corkscrew, in search of wildflowers.


Andy Pickar

“Say It With A Potholder”

Andy thinks his Mom will appreciate a hand made potholder so he decides to make her one.  


Bob Kasper

"The Engagement Story"

Bob and his wife travel far to get engaged in a special place.


Missy Smith


Missy tells the story of the time her son gave her a very special present.


Shelly Schultz

"Flower Boy"

Shelly shares two delightful stories from the times her son and her husband each found creative ways to present a bouquet of flowers.


Todd Clift

"Hertz, Never Again"

Todd regales the audience with his global trotting adventures and the reason he is not allowed to rent a car from Hertz Rent-A-Car.


April 3, 2019

Tonight’s Theme: Fools, Fools and Foolish


Oz Barron

“A Fool for LOVe”

Oz shares his story of getting lost while playing a solo, and learns the lesson to just go for it. (Our apologies. The first minute of Oz’s memoir was not recorded.)


Debbie Stevens

“What Would You Do?”

While dog sitting, Debbie has to figure out how to rescue a dog who gets into a precarious situation.


Michael Douglas


Michael learns to navigate the roads of Italy and gets lost while walking around (and around) a hilly town.


Debbie Markham

"Hungry Like a Wolf"

Annual trips with Debbie’s friends lead to foolish, but unforgettable moments. 


Jill Andrews

"Fool in Love"

Jill finds redemption after using foolery to bring two people together.


Jean Moelter

"Mozart’s SISTER"

While Jean’s piano instructor believes recitals are important to a budding musician’s education, Jean is more comfortable talking about the Mozarts.


Tigg Morales

“Wheels & Hills”

Tigg confesses years after an unfortunate adventure with her Bahama Blue Volkswagen Bug.


Bev Praver

“Youthful Foolishness”

Bev reminisces about the foolish things she did when she was young. She’s wiser now.


Matt Humphrey

"Pride Comes Before a Fool"

Matt does his prideful best when he and his now-wife take a foolish bike ride and then a walk through some unforgiving terrain. 


Bob Kasper

"Do Not Go To Gold BeacH — You’ll Never Want To Leave"

Bob shares a story of the obstacles he and Todd encounter when trying to visit their friend Brad.  


Andy Pickar


Andy shares the story of the time a seemingly foolish idea is the perfect solution to a vexing problem.  


Michele Pike


Michele tells one (of her many) stories about the things that have guided her life in pursuit of love.  


Amanda Rice


Amanda shares her 8th grade experiences learning to ride a moped.  


March 6, 2019

Tonight’s Theme: Luck


Allan Robidart

“Lucky To Be Alive”

Allan shares a harrowing and slippery tale about spending a summer on a boat at sea.


Oz Barron

“The Story About Luck?”

Oz tells a delightful story about meeting a special person while at sales training.


Andrew Dawson

“Shark Week”

Andrew loves sharks and shares his adventures with hammerhead sharks.


Todd Clift


Todd sails to a desert Island and shares the story of surviving an incredible dive.


Donnie Degen


Donnie tells the story of being foiled by pancakes while trying to enlist in the Air Force.


Bob Kasper

"Maureen POLES"

Bob tells about the time he and Maureen were lucky to find some much needed assistance.


Andy Pickar


Andy tells a story about the time he wasn’t sure if skill or luck kept he and his bike safe.


Susan Mackey


Susan takes her class on a field trip and shares her students’ observations.


Debbie Markham


Debbie shares her experiences being a contestant on Wipeout, the TV show.


Rusty Shoop


Rusty enlists in the Air Force and tells the story of figuring out what he’s good at and how to apply his many skills.


Amanda Rice


Amanda shares a set of chance occurrences of people coming into and out of her life. Is it luck or fate?


February 6, 2019

Tonight’s Theme: Love


Susan Mackey

“Love of Cambria”

Susan shares her tale about how she and her husband found and came to love and live in Cambria.


Bev Praver


Bev tells the story of how she and her late husband, Jerry, spent 57 anniversaries together deciding whether to get serious.


Rusty Shoop

“Country boy”

Rusty shares his love of the great outdoors and wide open spaces and, among other things, learning to run barefoot.


Oz Barron

"What is love?"

Oz explores his love of motorcycles and his dear friend and fellow rider, John, and comes to learn of John’s generosity and ability to be outside of himself.


Jean Moeltler


Jean shares memories of her Catholic upbringing and her implementation plans for losing her virginity and proves the saying that you always remember your first. Her audiobook, Holy Crap! Memoir of a Catholic Girl is a must listen.


Marti Stude

"Diary Discovery"

Marti offers a tender, loving story of a long forgotten diary she and her husband kept from the year their now-adult daughter was born.

Jill Turnbow

Jill Turnbow

“The Gang”

Jill reminisces about the formation of The Butterflies, her badass all girl gang, and years later the ferocious love and support the gang members provide to each other.


Andy Pickar

“For Love of the Bike”

Andy recalls his teenage efforts to save money to buy the bike of his dreams.


Todd Clift

"Loving Gestures -- A Van for Brad"

Todd tells the story of his dear friend Brad, a victim of ALS. Funds raised at Moonstone Memoirs are being used to support the purchase of a mobility van for Brad.


January 2, 2019

Tonight’s Theme: New


Andy Pickar

"A New Bike"

Andy works hard to win a new bike and faces disappointment when it seems the bike is going to another kid.


Kim Miller

"My New Man"

Kim shares her story of not losing hope and how her new man becomes her old man.


Rick Smith

“The Phoenix”

Rick shares stories of the ups and downs of work and family.


Bev Praver

"First New Car"

Bev negotiates her way into a top of the line Impala station wagon.


Michele Pike

"Mystery Camp"

Michele goes camping in her new car and wakes up to find herself surrounded by the authorities and lots of flashing lights.


Oz Barron

"A New Rider"

Oz tells about his hair raising experiences as a new rider riding the country roads in New England and then across the country to California.


Todd Clift

"My Midlife Crisis"

Todd tells the story of finding that right thing that makes perfect sense and living happily ever after.


December 5, 2018

Tonight’s Theme: Seconds


Theo Moreno

“Riding Dark Star on May 2nd”

Theo creates a connection between two important events in his life, both of which occur on May 2nd.


Susan Mackey


Susan counsels a student with an unusual emotion support animal.


David Skartvedt

“Take me to Havana”

Dave shares a harrowing story about piloting a hijacked airplane.


Judith Pratt

"A Beer in a Bar"

Judith recounts her adventures in New Orleans after losing a bet.


Kim Miller

"Mistaken for a Hooker"

Kim tells a story of being in a vulnerable position at the county lockup.


Oz Barron

"A Different Way to Live"

Oz shares his insights and experiences in learning a relaxed lifestyle.


Rick Smith

“Learn by Doing”

Rick traces his life of lessons learned with the railroad and the space program, and goldfish and women.


Rusty Shoop

“My Second TV Job”

Rusty tells about being a devoted weatherman and missing the opportunity to go on a ride with Bonnie Raitt.


Randall Lyon

"I Don’t Suffer Bullies Easily"

Randall tells about learning to be the new kid on the block.


Bev Praver

"My Grandmother"

Bev shares conversations she had with her Bubbie about having a place in heaven.


Michele Pike

"Thinking of Nothing and Feeling Ecstasy"

Michele shares her experiences meditating the second time she lived in Israel.


Todd Clift

"The Second Chance that Didn’t Happen"

In this story Todd waits for a second chance to make the Big Time in Little League.


November 7, 2018

Tonight’s Theme: Firsts


Kim Miller

"My First Episode of Internet Porn"

Kim tells about her first time watching pornography on the internet on Christmas Eve when an unexpected visitor arrives.


Bev Praver

“Learning to do Everyday Things for the First Time”

Bev shares thoughts of doing things for the first time and getting much appreciated help from friends.


Brandon Follett

"Standing Naked in the Church"

Brandon shares his first experiences with religion.


Oz Barron

"Joan Baez’s Dressing Room"

Oz tells of the time he left his pants in Joan Baez’s dressing room.


Debbie Markham

“My First Born Child”

Debbie reminisces a series of sweet and not so sweet memories of her first born child.


Susan Mackey

“Why I sign”

Susan tells the story about her first time babysitting and how it led to a fulfilling career.


Todd Clift

"First Move in a New Truck"

Todd shares the sad tale of moving a boat load of wine in his new truck.